This function generates text to be displayed in the Shiny UI. This is a helper function. This function processes results returned from the simulation, supplied as a list.




A list structure containing all simulation results that are to be processed. This function is meant to be used together with generate_plots() and requires similar input information. See the generate_plots() function for most details. Specific entries for this function are 'maketext', 'showtext' and 'finaltext'. If 'maketext' is set to TRUE (or not provided) the function processes the data corresponding to each plot and reports min/max/final values (lineplots) or correlation coefficient (scatterplot) If 'maketext' is FALSE, no text based on the data is generated. If the entries 'showtext' or 'finaltext' are present, their values will be returned for each plot or for all together. The overall message of finaltext should be in the 1st plot.


HTML formatted text for display in a Shiny UI.


This function is called by the Shiny server to produce output returned to the Shiny UI.