This function generates shiny UI inputs for a supplied model. This is a helper function called by the shiny app.

  use_mbmodel = FALSE,
  mbmodel = NULL,
  use_doc = FALSE,
  model_file = NULL,
  model_function = NULL,
  otherinputs = NULL,
  packagename = NULL



TRUE/FALSE if mbmodel list should be used to generate UI


a valid mbmodel object


TRUE/FALSE if doc of a model file should be parsed to make UI


name/path to function file for parsing doc


name of function who's formals are parsed to make UI


a text string that specifies a list of other shiny inputs to include in the UI


name of package using this function


A renderUI object that can be added to the shiny output object for display in a Shiny UI


This function is called by the Shiny app to produce the Shiny input UI elements. It produces UI by 3 different ways. 1. If use_mbmodel is TRUE, an mbmodel list structure, which needs to be provided, is used 2. If use_mbmodel is FALSE and use_doc is TRUE, the documentation header of the function is used. For that approach, model_file needs to contain the name/path to the R script for the function The doc needs to have a specific format for this. 3. If both use_mbmodel and use_doc are FALSE, the function formals are parsed and used as UI. For that approach, model_function needs to specify the name of the model model_function is assumed to be the name of a function. The formals of the function will be parsed to create UI elements. Non-numeric arguments of functions are removed and need to be included in the otherinputs argument.