This function generates shiny UI inputs for a supplied model. This is a helper function called by the shiny app.

generate_shinyinput(mbmodel, otherinputs = NULL, packagename)



a string containing the name of a simulator function for which to build inputs


a list of other shiny inputs to include in the UI


name of package using this function (DSAIDE or DSAIRM)


A renderUI object that can be added to the shiny output object for display in a Shiny UI


This function is called by the Shiny app to produce the Shiny input UI elements. mbmodel is assumed to be the name of a function. The file correpsonding to this function is assumed to live in the simulatorfunctions subfolder and to be an exact copy of the same file in the /R folder of the source package. This R file will be loaded and the documentation parsed to create UI elements. Therefore, all simulator_ R functions/scripts need to follow a specific syntax. Every argument needs to be of the form param X : param explanation : param type example: b : transmission rate : numeric Non-numeric arguments of functions are removed and need to be included in the otherinputs argument.